A Little Holiday Help: Gift Ideas For Family Archetypes

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I was a little inspired by Project Soiree's fabulous gift guides. In general, I find gift guides to be unhelpful, but Sara's are spot-on, budget friendly, and easy on the eyes (read: BEAUTIFUL).

So, I did it. Look, I even put little wreaths around everything, so you know I mean business. I can't guarantee that my list will solve all of your holiday gifting problems, but it will help you identify a quick and easy gift for each most types of people in your family (except the kids... I don't have any of those).

For the cocktail queen:
The Oggi Moscow Mule Copper Mug Set is perfect for your family member who makes everything from hot whiskey apple cider to frosty moscow mules. Plus, if you're staying the night, you might just get to imbibe as well!

For the king of the kitchen:
The Thug Kitchen Cookbook is downright hilarious, and it will amuse your least conservative cooks. Written by author of the Thug Kitchen blog, it is filled with sarcasm. That brother of yours who likes to cook but won't be caught dead reading a Barefoot Contessa cookbook? This is for him.

For the game lover:
It seems that most people are already playing Cards Against Humanity, so gifting a Cards Against Humanity Expansion Pack can make the game entirely new. Have a family member who isn't already the proud owner of the game? Get the game, itself, here.

For the classic host:
In case you're lost on the perfect gift for your favorite host, try this Jonathan Adler Lantern Vase, which is classic. It can be used year round, as it's perfect for everything from a bundle of spring peonies to a white-as-snow Christmas mantle.

For the wine aficionado:
For your favorite wino who already has all the techy wine gadgets, try gifting this Trademark Innovations Lasso Rope Wine Bottle Holder. It looks so real that their guests might just insist on touching it to be sure!

**Disclaimer: I do not get paid for suggesting these gifts, but if you do make a purchase, it is an affiliate link and thus a small (seriously, small) percentage of it will go toward supporting this blog.**

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