Long Time No Chat

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I am the worst blogger ever. THE. WORST. I've been gone for a month and a half and it felt kinda good. Here are my excuses.

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I'm moving. TO NEW YORK CITY. Yeah, I've been gone for over a month and pop back in here and nonchalantly drop that bomb on you. We won't be moving for a few months, but things are decided and deposits are paid and it is happening. Get excited for lots of NYC instas (follow me here).
Why are we moving? This leads me to another excuse for my bloggidy absence. I applied - and got in - to law school. I'm not going to type it out here because that's not the kind of SEO traffic I'm looking for on a lifestyle blog, but let's just say it starts with the letter "C" and rhymes with Shmolumbia. 

I've been gone a lot. This is legit. We were out in ski country for most of the holidays and have been spending as many spare weekends skiing as we can in anticipation of a trip out to Big Sky this spring. I am actually turning into a decent skier, so I'm sure my mom is mighty proud.

Speaking of skiing... I'm also the proud owner of a new, bright magenta ski coat (they're calling this color Amethyst but it is bordering on neon in person). I want to wear it everywhere but apparently it's not cool to wear your ski coat out to a nice dinner so I'm holding back a little bit. This hasn't much to do with my absence from blogging, but I'm pumped about it so there ya go.

Other things that have been keeping me from this blog? Good old procrastination. Yoga. Weight lifting. Watching Parenthood in a bath tub (seriously, I cannot stop, and I am so in love with the Kristina/Adam relationship that I might just die of happiness).

Anyway, I'm back! 
Working on a few recipes and workout routines and everything in between. Come back soon :)


  1. Welcome back! Congrats on law school and making the move! Sounds very exciting!

  2. Congrats on law school and the move to NYC! I am also currently OBSESSED with Parenthood and I can't stop won't stop watching!


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