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Posts from the House:
My American Foursquare - Empty House Tour, Downstairs
My American Foursquare - Empty House Tour, Upstairs
Installing A New Stove - Goodbye Ole Whitey
Kitchen Update - Aint No Party Like An Island Party
Bye Bye Bye to 80s Tile - How To Remove Trim and Tile
She Only Wants Me For My Beadboard - Bathroom Renovation Part 2
Trimming and Caulking and Painting, Oh My! - Bathroom Renovation Part 3
Paint That Funky Mirror, White Girl - Bathroom Renovation Part 4
Don't Lose Your Marble(s) - Installing a Countertop - Bathroom Renovation Part 5
Home Decor - Styling Your Jewelry
Creative Space - Home Office Decor
DIY Nautical Octopus Art

Posts from the Holland Renovation:
House Update - Meet The Project!
Downstairs - Removing Carpet to Reveal Hardwood
Downstairs - Staging
"Sell My House" - Master Bedroom Edition

Here's an interactive map of the apartment we lived in in Chicago. Click on the room you'd like to see more of.

Posts from the West Town apartment:
West Town Apartment via Floorplanner
Before: Naked (bare) Apartment Tour
Progress: Living Room 
Progress: Dining Room Slash Living Room Slash Den Area
Progress: Bedroom Furniture and Art
Roy G. Biv Color Coded Bookshelves
Bedroom Progress
Bathroom Progress & 8 Bathroom Decor Tips
Installing a Swivel and Tilting Flat Screen TV Mount
Killer Roku: Why We Chose Roku Streaming Player
Peek A Boo Cords - Hiding TV Cords In Your Wall

Posts from the Wicker Park apartment:
Wicker Park Apartment Re-Vamp
$200 Futon Update
Hanging Pot Rack for <$40
Making Over Tiny Kitchens (And Ours)
Industrial Shelving Decor
Wire Gutter Strainer Lights
Rustic Wooden Headboard
Silhouette Wall Art
Retro 'On Air' Light Box Tutorial (part one)
Retro 'On Air' Light Box Tutorial (part two)
Retro 'On Air' Light Box Tutorial (part three) <--The Big Reveal :)
DIY Leather Coasters
Acrylic Ampersand Wall Art
Leather Headboard Upholstery
Rustic Hardware & Faucet Coathanger
Alternative Christmas Tree Decor
Scrabble Coasters
Magazine Leaves Fall Decor
Wooden Number/Letters (using wood stain and spraypaint)
Chrome Branch Decor
Old Flower Decor
Jewelry Box Makeover (spraypaint)
Jewelry Box Makeover (making a new top using aluminum trays)
Jewelry Box Makeover (wine cork handles) 
Jewelry Box Makeover (Hobby Lobby knobs)
Lyric Wall Art
Dollar Store Squirrel Decor (part one)
Dollar Store Squirrel Decor (part two)
Stained Wood Initials
Prayer Jar Glass Decor
Framed Family Name Scrabble Art
Large Canvas Bird Art
Hide Staples with Permanent Markers
How To Upholster a Headboard
Numeric Wooden Wall Art

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