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-Clearwater Part 1 - Beach Week Trumps Blogging (October, 2013)
-A Day in Sarasota (October, 2013)
-Clearwater Part 2 (October, 2013)
-Naples, Part One - Somebody Get Me a Juice Cleanse (March, 2014)

Jaco, Costa Rica (Our Honeymoon)
-Packing for Costa Rica (August, 2013)

New York City (My 24th Birthday)
-Packing for New York (April 2012)
-Last Minute Travel Prep (April 2012)
- New York Pt 4 - The Final Day  (April 2012)

Atlanta, Georgia (Wedding Weekend)
-Atlanta (October 2014)

Outer Banks, North Carolina (Family Beach Week)
-The Carolina Keys, Part One (July 2012)
-Cooking in The Outer Banks (July 2012)
-Reflections and Castles Made of Sand (July 2011)
-A Cross In The Sand (July 2011)
-Beach Week (July 2011)
-The Road Trip Experience (July 2011)

Memphis, Tennessee (My Old Stomping Grounds)
-Memphis in 30 Seconds (May, 2012)

Chicago, IL
-A Short Chicago Getaway (April, 2014)
-A Quick Chicago Jaunt, Part 1 (August 2014)
-A Quick Chicago Jaunt, Part 2 (August 2014)

Holland, Michigan (In-Laws' Lake House)
-Art Prize in Grand Rapids (September, 2013)
-Of Orchards and Dunes - Apple Picking and Beach Time (September, 2013)
-Tulip Time (May, 2013)
-Road Trip Experience & Trail Mix! (July, 2012)
-Holland [Not The Country] & The Best Day Ever (June, 2012)
-Everybody Was Thrifting In The USA (February, 2012)

Northern Michigan (Skiing and Snowboarding Trips)
-The 45th Parallel (January, 2012)
-Ski Chronicles (January, 2014)

Lake County, Illinois (North Shore)
-Birthday Weekend One (April, 2013)
-SNOW! (January, 2012)

Madison, WI
-Madison Trip - Terrace Drinks and Street Art (October, 2013)

Milwaukee, WI
-A Girls Weekend in Milwaukee (November, 2013)

Detroit, MI
-A Case For Detroit (March, 2014)

Other Events
Parties and Events
-Engagement Party (March, 2013)
-Speakeasy Part 1 (February, 2013)
-Speakeasy Part 2: The Decor (February, 2013)
-Speakeasy Part 3: 1920s Champagne Punch (February, 2013)
-My Birthday! (April, 2012)
-Birthday Weekend One (April 2013)
-Wedding Prep (August 2013)
-Date Night - er, I Mean Weekend (December, 2012)
-Birthday Weekend and the Easter Bunny Gets Techy (March, 2013)
-Winery Event and Girls' Spa Day (September, 2013)

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